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Welcome to Skyhook

The place to store all your notes and to retrieve them very quickly.

This handy utility allows copying and pasting text and saving online.

To find any text select the search page and type in a couple of characters and all records will rapidly appear.

Records can be added or amended but cannot be deleted!

It is necessary to create an account to be able to add, amend and search records.

A test username with test as the password may be used to test functionality - please do not abuse this feature!

I would be grateful for all feedback, problems and especially improvements.

The utility is strictly for my own usage and curious if any others would find it useful. If so I will endeavor to register a new domain and provide a link.

If on the off-chance this utility could be useful to others then I would be grateful for suggestions for a suitable domain name.

Special Note:

Passwords are encrypted and ALL data saved can be viewed by yours truly so please do not save anything personal.

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